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Bill Madsen also does direct work with individuals, couples and families.

Here is his description of how he works with people:

"I begin with a belief that people are more than the problems that have come into their life.  With that in mind, I often begin by getting to know people as three-dimensional human beings outside the immediate concerns that bring us together.  I have a preference for looking forward to where people would like to be headed in their lives rather than begin with a focus on what is wrong and what caused those problems.  

When we are able to establish an agreed upon focus to guide our work together, I will then ask people about the obstacles and challenges that might be getting in the way of them getting to that vision along with the supports and things that might contribute to them moving further towards the life they’d rather be living.  From there, I see my job as helping people to draw on those supports to address those obstacles to help them to the futures they’d prefer.  

I bring a focus on strengths and resources to help people separate themselves from particular problems that have come into their lives.  I seek to work in partnership with people and get feedback to ensure that my helping efforts are accountable to people served.  In my interactions with people, I tend to see my job as asking questions designed to help people work their way through problems rather than direct them on how they should live their lives.  I also see myself in a supportive role and try as much as possible to help people draw on their existing communities and further enhance these connections."

William Madsen, PhD

Family-Centered Services Project
489 Mount Auburn Street
Watertown, MA 02472

phone:  617-923-1770  |  email:  [email protected]