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Applications of Collaborative Helping Maps: Supporting Professional Dev. Supervision and Work Teams in Family-Centered Practice

Collaborative, family-centered practice has become an influential approach in helping efforts across a broad spectrum of human services. This article draws from previous work that presented a principle-based, practice framework of Collaborative Helping and highlighted the use of Collaborative Helping maps as a tool to both help workers think their way through complex situations and to provide a guideline for constructive conversations between families and helpers about challenging issues.


Este artículo ofrece un encuadre para la práctica clínica colaborativa centrada en la familia que puede energizar nuestro trabajo con las familias que no han respondido a enfoques más tradicionales. La Ayuda Colaborativa está basada en principios que se centran en la familia e incluye: el esfuerzo por desarrollar curiosidad cultural, fe en el ingenio humano, trabajo en equipo y capacidad para asumir responsabilidad hacia los clientes que servimos.

Collaborative Helping Maps: A Tool to Guide Thinking and Action in Family-Centered Services

This article highlights “disciplined improvisation” as a metaphor for communitybased work with multi-stressed families. It introduces Collaborative Helping maps as a tool that both helps workers think their way through complex situations with families and provides a structure to support constructive conversations between workers and families about challenging situations.

Collaborative Helping: A Practice Framework for Family-Centered Services

This article offers a framework for collaborative family-centered practice that can reinvigorate our work with families who have not responded to more traditional approaches. Collaborative Helping is grounded in family-centered principles that include: striving for cultural curiosity, believing in resourcefulness, working in partnership, and making our work more accountable to the clients we serve. The article introduces collaborative inquiry as an organizing metaphor for clinical practice and offers a five-step practice framework with clinical illustrations and sample questions.

Collaborative Helping: A Strengths Framework for Home-Based Services

Collaborative Helping: A Strengths Framework for Home-Based Services

By William Madsen and Kevin Gillespie

This upcoming book highlights a practice framework of "collaborative helping" for family support workers, case managers, and milieu workers.

Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families

Available now, by FCSP's William Madsen


Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families

Anyone working with families in crisis, especially in settings where time and resources are scarce, will gain valuable insights and tools from this book. 

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Imagine: Bringing Vision into Child Protective Services

Bill and Beth have been working together to experiment with new ways of approaching the challenges and dilemmas of Child Protection Work in ways that support both workers and families. This article is the first to describe some of those efforts.